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Foto di Giacomo

Who is Giacomo?

In 2022 Giacomo left his job at a communication company in Padua, Italy, to find his Ikigai. He tought he found it while traveling Latin America doing photography and documentary films projects with NGOs, fundations and associations focused on nature conservation and social themes. Still not sure if he found it or not. He's always eager to learn new things, and tell stories. He always try to get his connection with nature stronger. Now he lives in Bogota, Colombia as a freelance photographer and cinematographer. He's bulding a projects focused on primate conservation. 


Some associations I worked with:
- Asociacíon Primatológica Colombiana
- Neotropical Primate Conservation
- Fundación Proyecto Primates 
- Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Reserve
- Fundación El Arbol
- Reserva Jardin de Rocas
- Costa Rica Roots Tour


Let's keep in touch!

+57 310 5875561

Grazie per il messaggio!

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